Stage 3- Snow Day

This is Stage 3 of Snow Day: I have continued to add dark, foundational colors to the wolf. The darks are the foil for the lights. If you do not get your darks in the lights will not “pop” and add that realism that we are looking for. I built the foundation in dark greys, …

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Art Lesson-Color

I thought we would take a break from the wolf painting and talk about color and how you can use it to make a better painting. These are watercolors  but the principles of color can be applied to any medium. “Good Friends”                                                      “Best Friends” Here are two paintings. “Good Friends” was painted first and although I …

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Stage 2-Snow Day

I am beginning to add color now to the wolf. I strengthen the darks with black and sepia. (I am using Polychromos which are a hard pastel). I also add some warmth with a brown soft pastel. I have also added some ultramarine blue in the shadow areas of the wolf. And the white is …

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