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September 22, 23 & 24, 2023

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Lisa just can’t stay away from her favorite place to visit! She wants to share all the exciting things she is doing and she wants you to join the fun! Date: September 22-24,106 S. High Street, St Paul’s Heritage Center, Edinburg, VA.

This is Your Opportunity to Learn a New Technique from Lisa. (This is not the same old workshop) You will have the opportunity to create multiple landscape painting that ROCK! We will provide 9 X 12 and 8x10 mounted UART Pastel Paper at no additional cost to you. We will also provide brushes and palettes of acrylic inks for underpainting, which by the way, STAIN permanently, so don’t wear your latest fashion acquisition. You will need to bring your own pastel landscape colors with you. Little bits and pieces are perfect for landscape paintings, too!

Or, you may work on your own subject matter completely! As always, if you have taken a workshop with Lisa, you may use your favorite references and get Lisa’s personal attention, guidance, and suggestions to improve your skills and take your paintings to the next level. To assure your success, Lisa requests that you submit your own images to her by September 1, 2023 using this link:

DAY 1, Landscape Plan Follow along Lisa’s step-by-step approach to painting 9x12 landscapes. Lisa will demonstrate the entire process so nothing is left out. You may use her reference on Day 1, which will be provided in advance for you to either print or put on your tablet or device. Or, you may also to bring your own landscape reference. If you choose to supply your own, please send your image to Lisa by September 1, 2023. Lisa’s photo screening process will help ensure that you have an opportunity to work from an image that is both challenging, properly composed with clear content. So, consider getting out of the house, drive around town, take a walk in a park, and snap a bunch of images that could be used for your landscape paintings! Our current phones are spectacular for this type of photography!

UPLOAD YOUR OWN PHOTOS (Day 1 landscape or other subjects):

DAY 2, Landscape Plan Continue working on your Day 1 masterpiece or start a new one from your own photos or from photos supplied by Lisa. She will have short demos, tips, a few side exercises, and tricks throughout the day to get you thinking creatively, so you can be you! I encourage you to supply your own photos after our first piece.

 DAY 3, Landscape Plan Get a head start on the holidays! Lisa will share how she creates and frames her small pastel 4 X 4 paintings for galleries, hostess gifts, art shows, and holiday gifts. She will talk you through how she creates these from sketch to framing and you’ll have an opportunity to create up to 4 of these small paintings.

DAY 3 ALTERNATE If you would like to continue working on your previous day’s masterpieces or work on another, you may do that as well! Those not working on landscapes will be able to complete their paintings on Day 3.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Gather your landscape images or find some inspiration online, so you have lots of options for your larger paintings. Landscapes, beautiful skies, simple still life’s, barns, simple street scenes, and pet faces are probably the best subjects for the 4 X 4 paintings. Photograph or gather at least 30 good images that will give you lots of choices. It’s okay to use photos from the internet for this class. I will have extra digital images, but it sure would be great if you can provide some of your own as well!


How Do I Get in On the Fun?

  1. Sign up for the workshop!
  2. Select  your reference photos (bring as many as you like).
  3. If you are painting your own subject matter (landscape or other) upload your reference photo(s) to Lisa. Go to  by Aug 25, 2023.
  4. Watch your email inbox for a reply from Lisa. She wants you to be successful so it's important you have a great reference and Lisa will give you feedback. If your reference isn't ideal for class Lisa will let you know.

Lisa will assist each student as they work. You will get plenty of personal attention! Are you a little fuzzy on the steps Lisa follows as she paints? Don't worry, she will review those throughout the workshop.

For photography tips, a supply list, some information about using printed photos or tablets during class, and the form to upload your photos, visit this link:

Impress yourself, your friends, and your family! Sign up early to secure your spot in this fun workshop!

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