Stage 2-Snow Day

I am beginning to add color now to the wolf. I strengthen the darks with black and sepia. (I am using Polychromos which are a hard pastel). I also add some warmth with a brown soft pastel.

wolf painting

I have also added some ultramarine blue in the shadow areas of the wolf. And the white is added in the lights. At this stage I am being very careful not to apply the pastel heavily. The papers tooth will quickly build up and then no more pastel can be added. At this early stage it pays to be careful!

2 thoughts on “Stage 2-Snow Day”

  1. Your work is magnificient! Your strokes are so delicate and fine, it seems every
    hair is visible. I kept going back to the Ice paintings, which are estroidinary. The 2-Day Snow painting is lovely, one can almost see the snow falling. Having lived in Alaska for many years, I am familiar with Huskies, which are beautiful dogs. Wolves are beautiful and respected. The variety in your collection makes it difficult to choose a favorite! A pair seems to be a good solution.

  2. Thanks, Nita, for your kind words! I am so glad you like the painting. I will be posting the next stage soon.

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