Wolf portrait Watchful Eyes

Here is the finished painting.

Wolf Watchful Eyes

I carefully added the lighter colors of the wolf to bring it to life. This was the most time consuming part. I used white and cream to stroke in the hairs of the coat and tail. I added white over the blue of the snow. Questions or comments? Please email me!

5 thoughts on “Wolf portrait Watchful Eyes”

  1. Hi Kay, I’m following Vivien’s (Walters) method of painting as I fell in love with her ‘Calf’ in the SAA Paint magazine. Since attempting to paint in Vivien’s style my work has come on brilliantly (for me) but one of the joys of Vivien’s web site is seeing the work of other artists who I might not necessarily find by searching. I have been on your site before when I saw ‘Watchful Eyes’ which I thought was really lovely and so pleased you showed us how you produced it. I love the paintings on your site and will follow your lessons – the wolves really are so beautifully created. Thank you for sharing the colour lesson – though I have painted a number of pictures with yellow and purple, of late I have not tended to use this combination for whatever reason but your lesson has reminded me of something I had forgotten about!! I’m looking forward to seeing how your GSD’s turn out!

  2. Hi Shirley! I am so glad to hear from you..you made my day! I just can’t say enough good things about Vivien. She has been such a big help to me. I am also glad you found the color lesson helpful. You can use other complimentary colors as well: like red/green, blue/orange etc. I will be posting another step in my GS dogs soon. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Kay, your work is so beautiful! The wolf images remind me of our dog of 11 years. I didn’t realize you were SOOO talented! Have you illustrated any children’s books? I will google you….

  4. Thanks, Aimee! I used to have a Pet Portrait site as well. I may have them put that back up soon. I have illustrated many publications and also I have done lots of mural work. Particularly with children in mind. I worked mainly for churches in the Augusta, GA area decoarating their Sunday school rooms and other ministry areas. I am loving the wolves and enjoy painting them. Check back soon. I will be putting uo some new images. Thanks for posting!

  5. Carol (Strand) Wateski

    Hi, Kay,

    I would have loved to buy your Watchful Eyes but I see its sold. You probably never knew we had a wolf for 12 years. She was lighter colored but beautiful. She would curl up just like your painting, I have many shots of her. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to buy your painting first, would have been a nice addition to my collection.

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