How to Improve Your Artwork.

Daniel Edmondson tells you how to improve your artwork in the attached video and PDF file that he makes available. Good stuff! Let’s face it, marketing bad artwork makes it tough to be successful. I’m not an artist, but if you want to have a chance to have successful marketing, step one is having good …

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6 Tips to Write Your Perfect Artist Bio

See the link below for 6 tips for creating your artist bio. Please excuse all the ads on the attached link.  They couldn’t be separated from the article’s narrative. As a result of reading this article, I have included Kay’s bio to this blog post.  It never crossed my mind that it would add …

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Great News for Self Taught Artists!

I found an awesome article on art business! It has lots of great marketing tips for self taught artists. Like many artists, Kay was short on confidence, since she didn’t attend art school.  This article essentially says, if you produce good art, your buyer doesn’t care.  However, in order to sell your art, it …

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I worked on Chetan again today. First I got rid of all the blue-it just didn’t work. Sometimes you just have to get rid of detracting elements from a painting to focus on the important areas. I used a paper towel and rubbed off the blue! (Cover the areas you want to protect first!!) Then …

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Bunk Buddies Finished!

I enjoyed painting this so much. The puppies are precious and they make me feel very peaceful. I hope you enjoy this painting!

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