Great News for Self Taught Artists!

I found an awesome article on art business!

It has lots of great marketing tips for self taught artists.

Like many artists, Kay was short on confidence, since she didn’t attend art school.  This article essentially says, if you produce good art, your buyer doesn’t care.  However, in order to sell your art, it must be shown.  Showing it is marketing!  This article gives many ideas how to do just that.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there or do like Kay did and find someone like me who can’t stop talking about how great her artwork is to everyone I meet.

We found shows, exhibits, banks, galleries, town halls, county buildings, libraries, universities and numerous other places to show Kay’s work. Even when her work doesn’t sell, it attracts people’s attention and draws them to her web site and Facebook page, which generates more interest and excitement.  We give out business cards and workshop fliers all the time.  We run workshop ads in a local “free” newspaper.  Our workshop students are Kay’s biggest fans and buyers.  They love having a piece of her work in their homes as an inspiration and they love to spread the word about Kay’s work and workshops.  We love our peeps!

All of this marketing activity brings traffic to our web site, which generates new students and new business.  This allows us to stay in business.

Let me know what’s working for you……………..Thanx!  Steve

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