4 thoughts on “Something in the Air final stage”

  1. Hi! Kay,

    What great talent you have to “catch” these majestic creations of our God.

    I love this one! I keep waiting for him to swing his head my way so that I can look into his eyes.

    Keep up the beautiful work in capturing their magnificence!

    Blessings to you!


  2. Thanks, Debra! I really appreciate your kind comments. I have another in the works I am really excited about.


  3. Kay, absolutely superb! Have really enjoyed watching “Something in the Air” progress and I’m learning so much. I have some pastel mat and have been wondering about using it but keep picking up the velour – must try to experiment more!

    The two black Labs on Pet Portraits are lovely and the two Huskies have such a sweet look, so attentive!

    Will pop back in a month or so. Bye for now, Shirley

  4. Thanks, Shirley!
    Glad you liked this one. I, too, keep returning to the velour. I tried the pastel mat but I don’t think I gave it a fair try. I just keep going back to the velour. I am glad you liked the labs. That painting is a favorite of mine. I am going to demo it on the Pet Page.

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