Press Release for Mill Show

Here’s the link for the news release about Art at the Mill. Hope you enjoy it!

Wolf portrait Watchful Eyes

Here is the finished painting. I carefully added the lighter colors of the wolf to bring it to life. This was the most time consuming part. I used white and cream to stroke in the hairs of the coat and tail. I added white over the blue of the snow. Questions or comments? Please email …

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This is stage 3 of our curled up wolf

I have continued to add more dark colors: black, sepia, blue, dark brown. The eyes are really glowing now and all thats left is to carefully add the lighter colors. Stay tuned for the finished picture.

Stage 2 of our wolf

This is Stage 2 of our wolf. I have begun to add the underlying colors of the fur. I have used lots of black, sepia, and warm browns. It is important to get the under colors dark enough so that when the lights are added they show up well. I also undercoated the snow with …

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