“You paint with words”

One of Kay’s students asked for my help in preparing a bio for an upcoming art show.  I took her initial draft and  incorporated the tips in “How to Write the Perfect Bio” link below. Her comment was, “you paint with words”.  That touched my heart, so I wanted to share it.


After 3 edits, the bio was very nicely written and ready to be sent to the art show and could be posted to the “about” section of her Facebook page and blog.  I suggested that she keep the bio and tweak it as time goes by.  I believe it tells a good story about who she is and why she paints what you paints.  By the way, people love stories, relate to them and become followers. That’s a good thing!

I highly recommend using the “How to Write” article to help improve your bio.  Take courage and tell your story.


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