What Happens at a Workshop

Since we are getting close to the Wolf Workshops, I want to tell you more about the class.

Our class size is small so that everyone can receive lots of individual attention. All skill levels are welcome to attend. We will work hard, learn, laugh and grow together!

I will have the finished painting on display for the students, so they will have the “end in mind”.  To begin,  we start with standard stroke applications, to get familiar with hard and soft pastel on velour paper.   Next we do a step by step eye study.  I have found that if you get the eyes right, the painting will be a winner.  This process gives the students the experience of achieving exquisite and surprising results. This gives a feeling of great accomplishment and increased confidence.

Eye Study

Following the eye study, I do a step by step demo of each part of the painting to show you how create the realistic look of fur.  Each student works on their painting, while I provide advice and encouragement as needed.  It is my aim to help each student create a painting that they will be proud to show their friends and family.  My goal is to increase their technical skills enabling them to create better paintings.

Many have expressed that this experience is both challenging and  inspirational.  A time to devote yourself  completely to painting; to take time to relax,  focus and create; to enjoy the fellowship of like-minded people.

If you would like to join us, call me at 540-325-3327 to reserve your spot in July since the June class is already filled. I would love to have you in my class. 🙂

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