Success is in the Follow Through

I have found that success is in the follow through.

Much like golf, you can have great equipment and make great contact with the ball, but if you have a poor follow through with your swing, your shot won’t be so good.

The same is true in art sales. You can have a great marketing systems that attracts customers, but if you don’t follow up with people, you lose a potential contact that could result in a future sale.

I suggest that you keep track of all incoming phone messages, e-mails, social media. Get back to people – That is their expectation. Treat them like a valuable treasure and you will be rewarded. Make contact.  Give out all the information you can.  Develop a relationship. This is good follow through.

I know you would rather spend your time painting, but if you haven’t developed a good follow through with your potential following, it is likely that you will miss many sales opportunities.

Remember, people do business with people they like. Give them a reason to like you in the follow through process and you will begin to enjoy the benefits.  After 5 or 6 exchanges, don’t be afraid to ask for the sale.  If you’re an instructor, invite them to a class or workshop. Give them what they want and they will help you succeed.

I want you to make it!


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