Portrait Workshop

The portrait workshop went very well. It was a challenge but all the participants eagerly tackled it  and did exceptional work. The first day, we all did a “face study” of a little girl to get familiar with the features and colors used in portrait work. Each person received a box with all the pastels needed to complete the painting. There were 28 different colors especially selected for this project. paper was also included.PortraitClass3

PortraitClass7 PortraitClass6 PortraitClass4 PortraitClass5 PortraitClass2 PortraitClass1

As you can see, they all did a great job. We continued the next day to work on the hair and clothing of the subject before working on an individual portrait of each participants choice. They all did an excellent job on their portraits.

Day4-4 Day4-3 Day4-2 Day4-1


We will have another portrait workshop in the future and go more in depth on the nuances of skin tones. Hope you can join us!


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