Marketing Art–New Topic by Guest Blogger Steve

We are starting a new addition to our blog. My main man and marketer, Steve will be adding hints on growing your business. Take  it away Steve!!

For those of you that are serious about promoting your artwork, a great place to start is Barney Davey for latest info on how the big boys do it.  Barney is one of my favorite authors.  Barney also has a newsletter that has great information and techniques to help promote your name and work.  Check it out and let us know what you think about his newsletter.

Also, please let me know what types of information you would like to explore. I will be happy to respond!! Ask me all your marketing questions.

Marketer Steve
Marketer Steve





2 thoughts on “Marketing Art–New Topic by Guest Blogger Steve”

  1. Awesome Steve… I can’t wait to read all about the art of marketing art! I’ve been struggling with that aspect of it for some time now. I would love to learn more about licensing if you care to share any knowledge you have about that. And what a great idea…

  2. Marianne,
    Great question about art licensing. Kay has a licensing agreement with Custom Craft for needlepoint patterns and they have produced 3 designs so far. A friend of Kay’s suggested she approach the company. We reviewed their web site and sent them an e-mail with pictures. We were shocked to get a positive response followed by a contract. 6 months later Kay got her first check. Almost everything that we have learned about licensing has been from an expert named Maria Brophy. Go to She has a newsletter and lots of great information. There is lots to know about the subject and she’s a great guide. She even has sample contracts and things to avoid. I’m just a rookie at this. Let me know if her information is helpful.

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