Make the Most of Your Art Shows

Here is an excellent article on making the most of your art shows.

We use shows as an opportunity to meet new people and expand Kay’s art career.

We are always looking for new students for her pastel workshops.  During art shows, we talk about Kay’s art and give people  something to remember us by.  We try to give out more than just a business card.  We usually have pastel workshop fliers with dates 6 months out.  The fliers are on a backdrop of a painting, and include our Facebook and web site addresses.  We print our own on Costco photo paper.  We go for high quality, because this may be the only piece of information that people will ever see of Kay’s work.   We also have 5×7 folders to give out to people that are very interested in following Kay’s artwork.  We also hire a real graphics person at a local newspaper that helps us with flier content.  It’s great to know people that know stuff.  It’s well worth the price to get it done right!

The important thing is to start local and show your best work.  Be sure to attend the Opening and have lots of great, high quality information to give out.  Don’t be stingy.  Also, go out of your way to be friendly, because people like doing business with people they like!  My opening line, “Hi, my name is Steve, what do you like about this piece”.  No pressure.  No hard sell.  “If you would like to see more of her work, I have some additional information.  You see, I get to live in the same house as the artist.  I’m her promoter and husband”.  This usually gets a laugh.  I like shows because I love talking with people and getting their input.

Shows have produced sales, promoted Kay’s name and workshops.  We have even gotten workshop sign-ups on the spot,

Attached is a sample copy of one of Kay’s workshop fliers for your review.

Hope you enjoy and can use some of this information.  Let us know what you like about this post.  OK.

Thanx, Steve

Kay Witt 7X5 Flyer 6-14





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