Kay Witt Video Art Courses

Kay offers a variety of self-paced video courses based on her in-person art workshop instruction. Each video workshop comes with a color and materials list plus a line drawing of the subject. Some classes also come with an illustrated eBook of the subject.


White Horse in Soft Pastel

eBook Included

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Glorious Wolf

This Video Workshop is designed with beginners in mind.

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Wild Horse in Soft Pastel on Pastelmat

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Bobcat in Soft Pastel

eBook Included

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A FREE Introduction to Pastel Painting on Velour

Several Videos on how to transfer your drawing, use pastels, mount your paper and more!

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Portrait of a Child

This video workshop was filmed live from Kay's Studio.You will learn how to apply pastel to velour and what colors to use to make a stunning portrait.

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Step-by-step Instructions

Self paced video instruction that is divided into steps for easy progression.


Lesson PDFs

Each workshop courses contains downloadable PDFs. Maximize your learning online and off!


For Those Who Can't Come to Kay's Studio

These instructional patterns and videos will guide you through the same steps Kay provides to her students during her studio workshops.

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