wild wolves

Next Stage of Chetan

I haven’t been able to get back to this painting as quickly as possible. I have added the rest of the fur on this gorgeous wolf. I felt at this point that their was no clear focal point. There was too much fur! All the fur was of equal focus so I needed to blend …

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I finally have time to work some more on Chetan. I began to finish the right side of his face today. I noticed that the eye in shadow was too bright so I added darker colors to subdue it. Sometimes you like something so much( or I do anyway) that you don’t want to change …

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Wolf Puppies

I have been working for several days on a new painting called “Sweet Dreams” of 2 wolf pups drifting off to sleep. When working on animals with so much hair the tendency to paint every hair is very strong (at least in me :)). I think the key to a good painting is to know …

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More Wolf

As I looked at the portrait of Chetan last nite, there was something about the eyes that didn’t seem quite right. I studied my reference photo and my painting and decided to make a few changes. I think it helped the painting.  Then I decided to add some darks with Girault black and Rembrandt black …

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Wolf -Step 2

I had some time to work on the wolf today.  ☻I began by adding some brown that I could see in his fur and further defining the darks. I added more darks and a brown red as well. It will take some time to add all the under layers before I can add the beautiful …

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